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Spring 2004

Release 8

  1. Kruger – Dizel

    City – Moscow

    “KRUGER” band was formed in July, 1989 by guitarist and vocalist Alexander Khamer. First performance took place on 16th of October, 1989. The main was and still is the ideology, which praised brotherhood of rockers. Together with this the ideological war was and still is waging against enemy attacks on ROCK-N ROLL. “KRUGER” band is the founder of DIESEL-ROCK, pioneers of fire DIESEL-SHOW. This is a “cocktail” of bikers’ rock, trash and lyrics. Guitarist and vocalist Khamer with his fire-spitting guitar-dragon is the only one burning guitarist in the world. The only one in the world set of drums-motorbike belongs to “KRUGER” band; as well as only one in the world female vocalist with wings and burning eyes; original bisexual doll “Dizzy” with burning palms and phallus-flame thrower; burning and firing microphone stands-chains; drum catwalk-transformer “TANKOSAURUS”, and also a lot of pyrotechnics, bright concert trick effects. The show, which is registered in RAO under No 4398, all the time expands due to new elements. The Army of Krugerfans are continually growing and become stronger. Our concerts are the mix of new songs and classic hits of KINGS OF ROCK. At the moment “KRUGER” band again faces its rise. And again it its iron heart: “LONG LIVE ROCK-N-ROLL!”

  2. Volki – Bratok

    City – Moscow

    “Volki” band was created in May, 2001. From beginning the members of future band played softer music, performed but were not satisfied. Then it was decided to change the sounding for stiffer, with stiff vocal. The team worked a lot , playing from the heart. That’s why all songs (demo-album “Proludiya”) are lively and energetic. The music of band is alternative Russian mainstream.

  3. Grimasi – Disco

    City – Orekhovo-Zyevo

    From beginning let me tell you about our passions: first of all, we love to travel in time and “write” in bath-room(in which connection is the poetry here?). Second, we love to sit at the desk with genius pen and to pick the nose by this pen. Everything what is found is cleaned with the use of lower surface of the desk. Yes-s. Third, we love to wear all black as Tzoy. Oh, how fair is the fate! What peaks would be achieved by him now! Perhaps, he would be a presenter of the own TV show, together with Nemtzov and Mitrofanov. That’s way everyone, who has any information regarding our idols (posters, stickers, interviews, dry sperm on the dress), please, send it to us. As barter we may offer the posters of your idols: “Turbomoda”, Sasha Zverev, “Mummiy Troll’”, “Ariya”, Kristina Aguilera. We are good guys, we love noisy parties and disco, we listen to Chicherin and Zemfira, Detzl, “Guano Aips”, we would like to be in correspondence with guys and girls, who are 27 years old and older, empty envelope and your photo will speed up the establishing of correspondence

  4. Absent – Shokolad

    City – Moscow

    Absinthe is one of most strong alcoholic drinks (70% of pure alcohol). It is thought that the word “absinthe” is descended from Latin name of sagebrush plant (Artemisia absinthium), which is used to make this drink. Absinthe consists of: Denis Kotlin (Dan), author of all texts, vocal, acoustics, sometimes he plays guitar part and works as arranger and sound-producer at the same time; Ivan Ivanov (Bizon), guitar; Vyacheslav Mareev (Slava), guitar; Andrey Fomin (Voland), bass; Georgiy Gusarov (Gosha), drums. The Moscow band “Absinthe” thinks that the date of its founding is the spring of 2000.

  5. Cuba – Serie doma

    City – Moscow

    Absinthe is one of most strong alcoholic drinks (70% of pure alcohol). It is thought that the word “absinthe” is descended from Latin name of sagebrush plant (Artemisia absinthium), which is used to make this drink. Absinthe consists of: Denis Kotlin (Dan), author of all texts, vocal, acoustics, sometimes he plays guitar part and works as arranger and sound-producer at the same time; Ivan Ivanov (Bizon), guitar; Vyacheslav Mareev (Slava), guitar; Andrey Fomin (Voland), bass; Georgiy Gusarov (Gosha), drums. The Moscow band “Absinthe” thinks that the date of its founding is the spring of 2000.

  6. Navsegda – Indeets

    City – Moscow

    The name was devised by Aleksandr Krulov, the bass-guitarist of famous in nineties metal band “Kroner”. He became the bass-guitarist of “Navsegda” band, and, practically, its leader. Dmitriy “Paramon” Gordeev became the vocalist, who accompanied himself with guitar. Drummer Sergey “Rembo” Tarabrin was found quite easily. Keyboardist Denis Cherkashin was found a bit later. The first performance took place on 1st of June, 2000 at F1 club, which, by the way, had been closed down the next day. This date can be considered as the date of founding of the band.

  7. Yana Pavlova & Jungle – Basovaya

    City – Pavlodar

    The first dream of my childhood was to become the Grand Ballerina. Second – to become the Grand Actrice. Third – to become the Grand Pianist. Now I’m 21. But I still love to dream . Tired from my moaning and praying parents sent me to the musical school to play piano. I lasted 2 years because in the late autumn of 1998 the friends introduced me to “Rock Bohemia of Pavlodar”, lyric poet, musician and leader of scandalously famous band “Chechoslovatzkie Pribaltu” Luka Chernushev. Most of my following songs and poetries are dedicated exactly to him. Together we are opening and discovering new worlds, new bottles of port, new feelings, new books, music, worries. Generally speaking, my state of mind can be explained by quotation from “Na Malinovom Solntse” song. And I’ve decided to name new album and future solo program after this song.

  8. Igor Suvorov – Tu-ti-rum-tu-tu

    City – St. Petersburg

    Author’s musical project of Igor Suvorov was created at production studio of “Kanal-Melodiya”, radio station of Saint-Peterburg. He worked as sound-producer and arranger (among his works: music for TV serial “Mentu”, Kirill Komarov, “Maniya”, etc.) and, probably, because he was listening to somebody else’s songs too much, he longed to write the own songs. Music, texts, most instrumental parts and vocal are the results of creative self-expression of lonely individual, who is lost in jungles of computer technologies.

  9. Nosferatos – Autodafe

    City – Moscow

    The history of Nosferatos started in December of 1993 in Moscow, when “Krestnue otzu” (“Godfathers”) was formed by two old friends, Aleksey Kondrin (at that time he wasn’t called Lucifer yet) and Denis Kopkov (at that time he wasn’t called Sharon yet).
    Guitarist Roman Osnovin (Tomas) had joined the band at the same time. He was “hanging” too much because of creative work of Metallica band and started to generate tension in the team… As time went by, the rest of the team became tired to play songs of somebody else and guys turned to own songs. In 1995 Nosferatos band was finally in its full strength. Andrey Akhin’ko (Khich) replaced the gone drummer, Sarkisyan Ashota (Acheron) was invited to play second guitar. In September, 2000 the band decided to kick Knich out, because he didn’t carry out his obligations. He was replaced by old friend of the band, ex-member of – Ascal and Excellency bands, Evgeniy Ivanov.

  10. – Nemnogo lubvi

    City – Moscow

    The story of “Fo.To.” band starts in the beginning of 1998, when Yuriy Kononov accidentally heard the homemade guitar demo-records of Michael Danilov. When he finished listening to the records, Yuriy immediately offered cooperation to Michael and Pavel Shelushkin in order to finally realize the long-premeditated plan – to create “Ïèò÷” (“Pitch”) band. In the summer of 1999 Pavel practically isolated himself from activity within the group and his name already doesn’t appear on the cover of second album of “Ïèò÷” (“Pitch”) band, “More vsex rek” (“The sea of all rivers”). In 2001 the band had changed the name for «Fo.To.», which means «Formula toka» (“Formula of current”). At the moment the band is on creative holiday, Michael makes sound-tracks for advertisement clips at the studio of computer graphics, while Yuriy works as producer of First channel programme “Dobroe Utro” (“Good Morning”

  11. Kontora Kuka – Minus 28

    City – Samara

    «First thing, that we would say to the person, who wants to form the own band: give it up, brother, but if you can’t, than listen: First, don’t take anyone, who doesn’t share your opinion, but also don’t take anyone, who share your opinion. Second, don’t take anyone, who doesn’t play well, but also send as far as possible everyone, who plays well. Third, kick out a pure performer, who doesn’t have creative ideas, and instead, too creative one will spoil everything. It is possible to continue, but even this is enough. Once it was a lot of us. Now it is only three of us. The last one, who broke away – a certain N. Involved himself in some doubtful business. I told him: “Give it up”. But he told me: “money, money, money…”. I don’t know has he got the chips, but he can’t play any more. Goodbye, friend. Long live rock-n-roll! What else to say?”, – ex-taxi-driver, psychotherapist, electrical engineer and …unemployed.

  12. D.B.T. – Komsomolka

    City – Arkhangelsk

    DBT was born in autumn of 1993: Lelik – bass; Lusui – guitar, vocal; Mit’ka – drums. A bit later – Andruha – guitar. In spring of 1994 Mit’ka and Lusui met Gebbel’s and agreed to record DBT. So, long-awaited firstborn “ÕÓßÊ !!!”(HUYAK!!!) (1994) had emerged. In August, 1996 the team went to Moscow for recording, where, at the professional studio for death-and-dumb musicians, they recorded “Dai mne” (Give me). Quiet spot came after a larger amount of life disorders. Team almost broke because of many reasons. But new activity starts few years later…

  13. Vibrator – Merilin Monro

    City – St. Petersburg

    Vibrator started to operate at the end of 1992, consisting of: Lyapin – vocal, Zaharov – guitar, Kuz’min – bass. At that time Gorshenev was a drummer (now – “Kukruniksu”). Our first, only one-song performance was in Palace of culture named after Krupskaya at “Rok protiv Zimu” (“Rock against Winter-2”) festival. Administration had switched off the electricity, musicians and audience have been asked to live the premises. The original band existed till 1994, when new musicians have joined the band: “Gaskonetz” Belikov – guitar, back-vocal; Michman – bass and “Tima“ Timoshenkov – drums. In 1995 “Merilin Monro” song has been named “Most scandalous song of 1995” by Moscow Echo radiostation. The feverish activity had been forcedly stopped at the beginning of 1997. It was connected with imprisonment of drummer Tima. In November, 1999 ãîäà the band had emerged in its new structure: ”Malysh” Yakovlev – bass ((ex- “The Pauki) (ex-“The Spiders”)), and joined half a year later Petrov, who earlier played in “Karies” and “Velikiy Oblom”. Petrov had tragically died couple of months later, and the band again had been left without drummer. Only in the summer of 2002 the vacant place had been taken by Yura “Khryak” ( åõ-«Kå.Hå.Fà.Sî» ).

  14. Mafia – Pistolet

    City – Moscow

    In spring of 1987ã. Yura Zabello had changed Vladimir Bagin in Moscow “Tyageluy Den’” (Hard day) for half a year term. But this experience was enough for the singer of such level and he made his own team: Yura “Uzhas” (Horror) Anisimov – guitar, Maksim “Chirik” Semenko – bass, Vadim “Morg” (Mortuary)Krulov – drums. The band was named “Mafia”, but its members were continually changing. Nevertheless, at the beginning of 2003 the band consisted of the following members: Ashot Al’bertyan – drums; Denis Cherkashin – keyboard, back-vocal; Pavel “Pashtet” (Pate) Klimanov – guitar, back-vocal; Yura Zabello – permanent leader of the band, vocal, bass. Quality of record and performance may place the audio track “Pistolet” (“Pistol”) at the top of the list of best singles of Russian rock

  15. Koleso – Parashutist

    City – St. Petersburg

    “Koleso” (“The wheel”) band was formed in 1998. 1998-2000 – tours with performances in clubs of Saint- Peterburg with: Ilya Kuznetsov – author of songs, vocal leader; Sergey Smorodinskiy («Påð-Såå», the band of Maksim Pashkov) – guitar, electronics, arrangements; Aleksey Ratzen (“Televizor” (“Television”)), «Àêâàðèóì» (“Aquarium”)) – electronics, sound-producer, arrangements; Eugeniya Kirichenko – back-vocal; Nicolay Lusov “Splin”, “Prepinaki”, “Souce”, “Pilot” – drums; Andrey Kuligin – bass-guitar.

  16. Rada & Ternovnik – Na uhabah

    City – Moscow

    “Rada i Ternovnik” was formed from “Fey-Hua” Moscow band in October, 1991. The style of new team was formed by unique vocal of Rada, which is capable to turn from ominous alto into high descant soprano; radical psychedelic guitar of her future husband – Vladimir Anchevskiy and masterly progressive rock-section. The band’s best CD “Kholodnue vremena” (“Cold times”), which is ended with presented right in this album 10 minutes masterpiece of mastery performance “Na uhabah” (“On pits and bumps”), was released at the end of December, 2000.

  17. Anatoly Klimkin – Nu chto tebe nojno bilo

    City – Komsomolsk-na-Amure

    Anatoliy Sergeevich Klimkin: 42 years old, was born and is living in Komsomolsk-na-Amure. He devoted himself to music creative work as early as at school, playing guitar in school vocal instrumental ensemble. He wrote the first poetry when he had been in the eight grade. He didn’t give up the music. From beginning of eighties he has engaged in individual work activity in one of the rock-groups of Komsomolsk. He has his own page at the Far-East information musical portal (

  18. Trety Rim – Epilog

    City – Ogerelye

    Magnificent band of rarely met in Russia style “speed metal”. Unfortunately, this band has only one studio record, which even with all its advantages hardly shows the skills of musicians in full. Formed in autumn of 2001 in the Ogerelye town, which is near Moscow, “Tretiy Reem” (“Third Rome”) straight away and very easy has exceeded the region limits, puzzling many worldly-wise experienced musical critics. Who are they, these strange talented people from, frankly speaking, the remotest depth of the provinces? Note: Vladimir Korneev – drum; Sergey Karpenko – bass; Sergey Belous – keyboard; Michail Rupchev – guitar; Sergey Smolyaninov – guitar, vocal.

  19. Dom Kukol – Hodit’ po nebu

    City – Kazan’

    Interesting phenomena of highest level from Kazan’, by fate’s will isolated from all central hang-around clans, which are more interested in laundering the money and in activity described by capacious modern term “eating”, than in music. Truly, life out of context – it is a sad fate of every talented Russian person in this country of always hungry members of Komsomol and sellers of lumber. Dom Kukol (Dolls’ house), motherland, one Russia…


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