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Spring 2004

Release 9

  1. Strikebreakers – U stancij metro (At underground stations)

    City – Orenburg

    The aim of the “Strikebreakers” band is to get the high-quality sound and promote rock from Orenburg to the whole-Russia stage. In early and mid-ninetieth there were projects already: «Ulichnie Angeli», « Korol Solncha », « Osminog ». But the « Strikebreakers » itself was formed in 1996. In 1999 the « Strikebreakers » record their album « Gorod M. ». The band is supported by radio stations of Orenburg, like Menovoy dvor and «Nashe radio Orenburg ». These are the people who are going to honor the native city: Dmitriy Lebed – vocals, text and music, Eugene Kruchkov – keyboards, Alexey Peremislov – guitars, Nikolay Nakvasin – bass-guitar, Leonid Murashko – drums. They are giving lots of concerts and club concerts in the region.

  2. Fobos – Nekrasivaja (Ugly)

    City – Dubna

    The group was formed in 1986 on the basis of the once well-known band « Zhar-ptitsa » that existed since the middle of the last decade. It was formed by Sergey Popov, guitarist, vocalist, music and text writer (ex-« Zhar-ptitsa »), bass-guitarist Alexander Ryabov (ex-« Zhar-ptitsa »), and drummer Mikhail Tihomirov. The band has remained unchanged since that. Its style is a traditional rock with rhythm-and-blues basis and choruses. The band got a special price of « Electronica » firm in 1987 – the only price given during the « Rock-panorame-87 ». The vinyl disk « Rock-panorame-87 » includes the song « Vishe golovu, nizhe tseni ». The tape albums are « Shishel-Mishel » (1989); «Zdes i Seychas » (1989); «Za radost nado platit » (1989).

  3. À7 – Pod ognem (Under fire)

    City – Moscow

    À7 is a young and undoubly a perspective band formed less than a year ago. It is not even a band but a kind of art project, co-work of the electronic musicians Alexey Prosvirnin, Andrey Zots, Artem Philimonov, and beautiful female vocalist from Kazakhstan, Asem. It was her name that named the project. It few words the style of the band is an intellectual guitar drive with the basis of trip-hop, break-beat, trance and ambient with inclusion of shrill and utterly tender vocals. Born from the ashes of so-called « Russian rock » A7 for sure is a product to feel the gap in the modern culture of the youth.

  4. Archeologiya – Otrazhenie (Reflection)

    City – Ekaterinburg

    The new music band “Archeology” was formed in Ekaterinburg in 1996 by Anton Stravinskiy – guitar and vocals, Anton Silantiev – bass, Pavel Bogatirenko – violin, Dmitriy Sheluhin – drums. The band participated in the following festivals : « Pervaya oktava 96, 97», “Nachalo”96; “Shevelis”96; “Ural-rok”97,98; “Akusticheskaja junost”98; “Jubilejnyj kvartirnik NPUR”99; “Inoj mir”2000; “Molodoj Ural”2001; “Zhazhda uspeha”2001 (Ekaterinburg); “SHou 36″96; “Voskresshij raj-3” (Magstok-97); “Art-Platforma 2000”; “Art-Platforma 2002” (Magnitogorsk); “Ole Coca-cola 2002”; “Staryj Novyj Rok”2002; Jekstremalnaja muzyka 2002; Tjazhelaja muzyka 2002; “Vremena goda”2002; Folk-festival2002; “Klinskoe Prodvizhenie”2002; “Kopi Urala”2002 (Ekaterinburg); “KateRok”2003 (Tjumen), “Mir kak tajna”2003 (Moscow).

  5. Chistay luybov – Partitura ljubvi (The partita of love)

    City – Moscow

    « ChL » was formed in 1985 by M. Volkov and S. Guryev ( The first to play bass was Aleksej Shulgin (, who left the band due to aches in finger-tips. The style is gothic disco. Now the band is: Maksim Volkov – guitar, vocals; Sergej Guryev – wild cries, kazuu (bike ring); Oleg Pshenichnyj – jar; Robert Musin («Julian», «Reguljarnye Chasti Avantjuristov», «Kljuchevaja») – bass-guitar; Jurij Lopuhin («Zhmurki» ) – saxaphone and guitrar, Rita Lopuhina («Zhmurki»), Vika Zaitseva («Darvinion» ), Mariba Rogozina – all come from Female choir «Kamennie Sobaki»; Lena Golicyna-«Metallika» (ex- «Vosmaja Marta», DJ of :Serebryaniy dozhd » radio) ) – drums. Now and again – Aleksandr Lajertskij ( ), Sergej Seljunin (Silja «Vyhod» ). We haven’t played for recent years because we got rather bored of this establishment.

  6. Azhiotazh – Hvatit (Will suffice)

    City – Tula

    The band was formed in Tula and at once was rotated by the local radio stations. In 2001 it took part in the «Ono vam nado» program of «Nashe radio» in Moscow, but the «Hvatit» song did not score enough. The representatives of the abovementioned radio pointed out the bad quality of the record. The members of the band have no musical education safe for Vitaliy Makarov (keyboards). The organizer of the band, Leonid Hlustov at present works as a forwarder and manages the finances of the project. He is also is the author of most texts, co-author of the music and vocalist. Unmarried, childless. Unfinished higher education. Born in 1976. He is assisted by (1)Kukoverov Viktor –co-author of the music, bass guitar, vocal. Higher economic education. Works in the « Bank Moskvi ». Unmarried, childless. Born in 1977. (2)Mihail Guz – co-author of music, solo guitar. Ob Unfinished higher education. Forwarder. Unmarried, childless. Born in 1975. (3)Makarov Vitalij – music co-author, keyboards. Higher education. Works in “STO” club. Unmarried, childless. Born in 1980. (4)Suhanov Andrej – co-author of the music, drums. Higher education. Entrepreneur. Married, childless. Born in 1975. The band never sighed any commercial contracts with anyone.

  7. Day pistolet! – Muzyka (Music)

    City – Sankt-Petersburg

    One of few radical and straight-out bands with its own musical policy and never following the momentary trends. The band « Day pistolet » from Piter came to known in 1996. It was then when with its influence a creative movement ”Ðositive Squad” was formed to unite the social and political protest and disagreement to the situation in music and life of the time. The “Positive Squard” issued its manifesto and arranged concerts joining: TT-Tvist, Bonzinskij, Alkorjepica, Strawberry Jam. The first performance of the band took place on March, 15 1996, and in December the band was already declared « The best newcomer of the year ». The founders, A.Gradovich, V.Pyhonin and V.CHaplygin define their style as a rap core with text images of a big city life. In April 2003 the teem had success during some shows in Germany and got some suggestions from foreign produssers. That time the band united: Dmitrij «MS BU» Butasov – vocal (left the band in 2000); Vadim «Miki» Chaplygin – vocal, texts; Sergej Grigoryev – guitar; Sergej Zajcev – guitar; Vladimir Pyhonin – bass, texts and Igor Kravchenko – drums. Later Sergej Zajcev left the band by private matters. New members are accepted – Yuriy Stepanov and Sergey”Biba” Bogdanov, a soundmaker and an electronic sound wizard. Hooligan and ex-drummer Dick Brown acts as a vocalist again.

  8. Rada i Ternovnik – Ty umresh v jetom gorode (You will die in this city)

    City – Moscow

    ” Rada & Ternovnik ” band was formed on 07.10.1991 in Moscow and quickly became one of the leading groups in russian alternative music. According to Mikhail Verbitskiy, the publisher : «…the music of ” Rada & Ternovnik ” is highly erotically charged. It’s not because their vocalists wheezes, moans and breathes heavily, as it is sometimes with other bands. But the very dynamics, composition and even Rada’s preternatural voice equilibricity appeal to the main basic, body functions : love, breathing and death ».

  9. Prazdnik flori – Lunnyj tanets (Lunar dance)

    City – Moscow

    The author’s project by Larisa Balabina (words, music, voice, acoustic guitar) has its place among the so-called women mainstream of 90-th , when the representative of the fair sex raised and lifted proudly the banner of the Russian rock of 80-th that was about to fall. She is supported by Sergej Portnov – guitar, Denis Eskov – bass, Oleg Ledjaev – drums.

  10. Nosferatos – Bogi vojny (Gods of war)

    City – Moscow

    The biography is always kind of boring stuff to read. It’s usually dose not contain anything except some dates and different names. One can remember Luchifer roaming the rehearsal base where some unknown people played, coming up to the microphone and roaring in it thought it failed to work. After some tortures and curses to the mindless piece of metal Luchifer goes on gadding the base. And it goes on. Charon at that time melancholically racks his bass, with some explanations to is passages. It was there when guitarist Roman « Tomas » Osnovin joined the band and started to generate tension in the group. In some time all the rest got tired of playing others’ people songs, that was when the name « Nosferatos » came into being. And in 1995 the « Nosferatos » band was finally arranged. Because of endless parties and binges, or just from someone’s bitchiness « Nosferatos » lost their rehearsal base shared with their friends « Ugly Band ». After opening the way to the new base the band moves but keeps its habits, so the story repeats itself. Years go by, and finally after four month of daily studio work (with pauses only to attend endless binges and to figure out the problems with neighbors) in the beginning of February 2001 a “Pandemonium” album was released at last. So, now you too have a chance to join the Great and the Beautiful for some moments.

  11. Jana Pavlova i Dzhangl group – Apelsinovyj malchik (The orange boy)

    City – Pavlodar

    It is all very simple. First the muse visits me, so that I bring a new song to the guys, and play it unplugged, just a “yard play”. To be more particular not to the guys but to Slava Lutin. Slava is the closest soul of musician to me, with his lyrics and melancholies. Great fan of Tory Amos. Bright yet fragile creature who needs a special approach.
    Secondary I show the song to the whole band, usually with Slava’s accompaniment, and it all starts… I just seat somewhere in the corner and watch my creation “dressed and shoed”. It may sound strange but my participation In the arrangement is more than small. My main role here is just contemplate, the musicians also seem to forget about me. And then they would ask “How was it?”. And I would usually smile. And even more usually I would cry… And if I cried, some one would leave the band. To buy some beer, for example. Yes, before I forget, second guitar in “Duel” is played by session musician Zhenja Voronchihin.

  12. Kharkhan – Nashe vremja (Our time)

    City – Moscow

    “Kharkhan” band was formed in 2001 by guitarist Alexander Fateev and vocalist Roman Lisiy who are now leaders of the group and authors of music and texts. Alexey Bobrovskiy became the drummer and Alexey Klintsov took the bassist’s place. Kharkhan is not a debut for all the musicians, each has a large experience in other groups. The band remains unchanged since then. The first show was made on May, 25 2001; this date is considered to be the birthday of the band. The shows are marked for extraordinary drive and frenzy. Safe for own songs “Kharkhan” usually plays covers of Pantera, Sepultura, Rammstein. During the year the band gave lots of shows and was planning to record an album, but there were some matters against it, as the drummer had to leave for Germany and stay there for a year. The decision was made not to seek a replacement, but to wait him return. New songs kept been written during this pause. In February 2003 the drummer returned and the performances of the band went on. In August and September 2003 the album “Zemlya ogney” including 11 songs of the band was recorded in CDM Records studio.

  13. Azazzel – Ljubovnica (The mistress)

    City – Krasnoyarsk

    The “Azazzel” band was founded in Krasnoyarsk in June 2002. The basis of the band was formed by the musicians of “Kriki” band known in Krasnoyarsk. In fact the musicians simply changed the name. The band is: Konstantin Gusev – vocal; Boris Arjamov – guitar, back-vocal; Viktor Chuprov – bass-guitar, back-vocal; Mikhail Shaforostov – drums. It is remarkable that safe for commercial shows the band participates in low-budget and even charity actions. In the repertory of the band there are not only new songs but also some old good songs of “Kriki”.

  14. Besi – Na nebo (On the sky)

    City – Novosibirsk

    Official birthday of “BesI” band is October, 15, 1995. It was then when the band appeared in “888” club in Novosibirsk. Up to 2004 the band visited Barnaul, Krasnoyarsk, Moscow, Khabarovsk and performs a lot in native Novosibirsk. There are two official albums released “13” and “Veselo”. Six clips for the songs have been shoot. Three clips of six were shoot by Andrey Zvyagintsev who got two souvenir lions for the “Vozvrashenie” movie on the festival in Venetia. The band unites five people now: Maks Maljukov – vocal, texts; Vadim Maljukov – guitar, bayan, synthesizer; Evgenij Tarasenko – guitar; Roman Chernyshev – bass-guitar; Sergej Melnikov – drums. Song “Na nebo” was included in the “Veselo” album (2001ã.) The album was recorded in Novosibirsk studio named after. S.Bugaev.

  15. SD – Uhodi (Leave)

    City – Moscow

    SD is an utterly un-intellectual, primitive, negative, uncommon team, that tries to play in suicide grange style. The aim of the work is to promote the suicidal gibberish to the gothic society presented by dispirited, broken-hearted depressed youngsters of out age just to make their mood even worse. I would mark that we do not propagate suicide; we just try to catch this mood and to make it everlasting. We recommend listening to our music in total apathy and heavy alcohol intoxication. The texts are not to be understood literally, it’s better not to listen to them at all and not to seek some hidden meaning there. The images associated with the music are the darkest ones: night forest, vampires, blood, moon, wolves, mist, path leading to the thickets etc. The band is: drunken leader and rhythm-vocalist Zabey (Ilya), crazy slap-slam-bassist Kashey (Ilya), always drugged drummer-born Leshiy (Oleg Ilyich), crackpot solo guitarist and the main organizer of the stuff – Bachan (Sergey). You do not like the music of SD? – You’re not alone!

  16. Grimasi – Prival (Halt)

    City – Orehovo-Zuevo

    Good morning, children of Earth! If a man managed something out of him once or twice it is silly to adore all the dreg he produces lately. But we want to be like the others so we have idols too, we will buy t-shorts with their sad faces and to sort out the baseball cards with their names. Our favorite writer is S.G. We do not name him in full so that his relatives don’t get to know. He is dead already, and they are following us, gather by the windows at nights, but we won’t let them in so easy!!! There were once some who roamed there crying like salamanders of Galapagos when suddenly faeces came falling on them out of the night skies… In helpless anger they challenged the opened dark windows trying to work out the source of it refreshing rotten and herbal flowered disgrace, but it kept coming into their eyes, so had to leave with some uncivilized cries! Now you know – we did it! And you will never get us! We are now rolling faster then the dices in “Great Post” board game. Read, you people! Philanthropy is such a rare thing to find now!

  17. Palestina – Fioletovaja kruzhka (Violet mug)

    City – Ekaterinburg

    The band was formed in 1998 and firstly was named “Monti payton”. During the career the band changed a lot both people and styles from traditional rock to extrems of dance music. Finaly in August 2003 the musicians decided to divide their creative work. Rock-direction (traditional “verbal” Russian rock) was named “Palestina”:: Evgenij Judin – vocal, guitar; Aleksej Zavjalov – vocal, guitar; Olesja Levchenko – back vocal; Evgenij Derevjannyh – drums. Band producer Nikita Kiselev. Band administrator– Elena Kalikina.

  18. Siberia – More (The sea)

    City – Nerungri

    Irina is a girl from Aldan. Her parents brought her up as a professional musician. Many years since the childhood she spent with the cello. She played it in the orchestra of Aldan and she was to continue the musical education. But the love to guitar, songs and rock-n-roll overwhelmed it all. She came to Nerungri purposely to work at her own album in a studio. She could not get along without professionals. Messieur Anatoliy Tayban (bass) after some persuasions agreed to give a helpful experienced hand and to carry out the project. Only drums were left. Some difficulties also arisen here. The fact is the music itself needed a drummer able to play beet and not to get carried away by his own run. Fortunately Oleg Burakov came from Blagoveshensk. He is rather young but quite strong drummer. And the name “Siberia” was invented long ago.

  19. Vasiliy K. & The Kurtens – Pro Gologo i Chernuju Madam (About Naked and Black Madam)

    City – Stockgolm

    Vasiliy K. & The Kurtens
    Padre Vasiliy and the Reductived
    Padre Vasiliy & The Kurtens
    There are three versions of the name now and more are likely to come. It is a result of meeting in 1999 of troubadour and delitescence alcoholic Vasiliy K. and three semi-intellectual minimalists from Sweden band Kurten named Adam Persson, Martin Jurt and David Olausson. The later do not know Russian so have no idea who Shevchuk, Zemfira and Kozirev are, and K. is unwilling to tell them. They live and do not work in university grounds Lund in the southern Sweden. According to the conceptions and terms of the modern Russian cultural sphere they play a pure shit-rock with total understanding and efficient use of all the traditions associated with the style. Anyone interested is welcomed at

  20. Fan club – S dalekoj zvezdy (From a far star)

    City – Moscow

    Gone are the times when Fan Club roamed in narrow labyrinths of electronic music mixing it with romantic texts. It is a real squall of rock-music, not in the meaning of “Nashe radio” program managers, but in real furious power, supported by the quality rather uncommon for our music. They are constantly seeking yet never surprise with forced experiments. The work is stylistic cocktail that has a taste of homogenous mixture of experimental electronics, British rock and half-acoustic acoustic ballads. With a harmonic balance of all the components. However balance is rather a relative term. The changes of mood from extreme-hysterical to meditative-detached are quite normal.


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